Sonoma is open and waiting for you! The opening dust is starting to settle and the word is spreading, Sonoma is something special, a unique and inviting home. I have been spending a lot of time at the home along with other Shelburne staff members. The comments have been very rewarding and provide the validation we all seek when creating not only a home but a work of art by our craftsmen and women. Our goal is to create a home that all our guests can feel comfortable and welcome.

The best compliment we can receive is "I could live in this house" and we have been hearing it on a consistent basis. We work very hard at every detail, we can honestly say that there is a thought process for every portion of Sonoma and it shows in the product. We would love the opportunity to discuss your dream and how Shelburne can work with you to achieve it!

Here are photos of the finished home, enjoy and come visit us at the 32nd Street of Dreams.

PS Go to my website for a link to additional photos at Smugmug.

Sincere thanks to all of you that helped creating our dream.