The craftsmen at Park Place are building the furniture quality cabinets. We will be doing both painted and stained cabinets. The stained cabinets are a glazed finish on maple. The quality is unsurpassed.
Mike on the left is in charge of production for Park Place, Chuck is the owner with over 30 years and 16,000 jobs under his artist and perfectionist. Carl on the right is responsible for the construction drawings and plans. He has to make sure everything fits and works together, the smallest detail is never missed.
The architectural shapes and forms are taking shape both on the exterior and interior of Sonoma, each layer gets better and better.
The planter boxes are being placed in the end walls. We are using the planters to filter rainwater from the roof system. They will enclose the lower court and provide privacy and security.
Chuck and Carl laying out the bar countertop, every cabinet is drawn on particle board for a pattern in 1 to 1 scale. The layouts are saved for future design ideas and reproduction of the key design ideas.

Elements such as curved cabinets are unique and show the quality and precision of Park Place's quality and detail. Note the doors are all inset into the frames...everything has to align and balance, plumb and square.
The lower courtyard entrance with pervious pavers that allow the water to drain through into a drainage system that also filters the water and removes it from the storm water system.
Look carefully, I only had a wide angle lens. Mt. St. Helens is just above the red Milgard window tag. You see it, Mt. Ranier and Mt. Adams from all the north facing windows.

The sheetrock forms are mirroring the window detail and rectangular theme carried throughout the house. Recesses and openings provide shadow and detail to the surfaces.

The board/batt siding on the front elevation again emphasizes the rectangular theme and designs throughout the home.

The Great Room wall ready for cabinetry and mantle details with lighted niches. Sun streaming in; open, light, bright and airy in a setting above the clouds.

Openings between the Great Room and Kitchen provide interest and repetition to the shapes. Architectural detail such as this separate the living spaces yet provide connection from space to space. The sight line from the Great Room wall to the outdoor room is over 80 feet!

Lots of changes coming in the next 4 weeks, keep watching.



We are using large pots on the entry columns, just making sure the scale and proportions are right for the entry.
Framing for the Great Room wall, the plasma will be to the right of the fireplace which will have a cast stone mantle and hearth. There are 3x3 lit niche's above the tv and to the left of the fireplace for display and relief.
Choosing paint color for the exterior of Sonoma, we selected the one on the right as it has a bit more depth and tone yet will highlight the windows and board/batt trim details.
Framing for the new circular spa tub from Kohler, 6' round...pillows included :)
Meet Vern Thompson, building inspector for Clackamas County. Vern is a very thorough and proficient individual that understands the complexities of construction especially the methods we used in the building of Sonoma. By the way, we passed all our inspections on the first try with some minor corrections. Cudos to all the contractors and their quality work.
Behind the walls! This is the master shower with Kohler's DTV valve system. There are 6 outlets for body sprays, wall shower head, hand held shower etc. You electronically control the valves. There are settings for 6 individuals with 6 programs that you can set up for personal showering preferences...a complete spa for your home.

Next shots will be the rooms with sheetrock as Sonoma takes shape and character.




Windows are being set, 80 of them not including the biparting doors at the outdoor living space. Friday we had 63 people working on the home; framers, electricians, hvac, audio/video, roofers and I am sure a few other trades.

Sometimes even we are surprised...the window openings on the SW corner of Sonoma open up to another great view toward West Linn and Lake Oswego.
This is the view from the dining room and indoor/outdoor spaces. There will be "accordian" style doors that separate the dining room from the I/O room and another set to close the I/O room from the exterior deck for year round use of the space.
Miles and miles of wiring go into Sonoma. Special lighting controls by Lutron and system controls by Crestron are just a few of the features in Sonoma. They will allow control of lighting groups from central locations as well as controlling heating/cooling and security.
Ronda Divers, our interior designer is reviewing lighting plans with Dave Brown from Garner Electric and his lead team member. We carefully design the lighting for multiple scenes and strict functionality as well as great ambiance in the home. Measurements, heights and effect of lighting are all carefully considered...there is no such thing as "normal" or "standard" packages, it is all approached by planning for each space.

This is the two story fireplace and entertainment center at the main level Great Room. We have to allow for exact placement of cabinetry, audio/visual, fireplace details and lighted recess areas, there is no room for error.
The final shot of this blog is showing the entrance to the home from the lower level courtyard. South exposure of this private space is a welcome surprise that increases the livability of Sonoma.

This will be a busy week securing inspections that will allow us to begin insulation and sheetrocking. We will have at least 7 different inspections to pass and if true to form we will pass each one of them without corrections.

About 8 weeks to go and WE ARE ON SCHEDULE to finish the home July 28th!

Thanks again for following Sonoma.