You wouldn' t believe the amount of decor that goes into a 6500 ft house! You think about the major pieces, but all the fill in and artist works and ... and...

Where would we be without Wendy's smile?

Wendy and Chris place the carpet in the indoor/outdoor room.
Even the boss is right there working with everyone. Ronda has the vision and knows how to make it happen.
Activity room furniture, what a great place to watch a movie.
I think one of my favorite spaces is the utility room, the way the light comes into the space.
Hanging storage units in the garage, you need every space possible.
Dining room in place with the indoor/outdoor room beyond.

Indoor outdoor room with furniture in place
Now that is what you call a dining room fixture, way cool.
I sat down in the Great Room in the sitting group next to the windows with the view and then turned toward the kitchen, great view there too!
Chris moving some of the art objects, again, again, no a little to the right, a little back...
Jeff putting the real wax candle surrounds on the dining room fixture. There are real cast wax candles surrounding the bulb sockets.
Setting up the exercise equipment, state of the art treadmill, bike and accessories.

We should be done with the house for the next blog posting, hopefully Thursday or Friday and then small detailing to make sure Sonoma is as perfect as possible. My humble thanks to all of you that have made Sonoma happen, it has truly been a work of love and pride.