9 1/2 weeks to go!

Framing is almost done, roof starts Saturday the 31st!  We have begun plumbing and hvac and electrical will begin Monday.  Schedules are tight, cooperation is even tighter.  It never ceases to amaze me the cooperation and assistance our team members exhibit in difficult situations.  We all understand the common goal and how to achieve it.  Street of Dreams homes are examples of the best work our area contractors can exhibit.  To do this in a compressed time frame requires the best of everyone.

This is a view from the library loft over the great room.  Views, views, views...this is one of the best, if not the best view in the city.

Gary Phillips of Vacuflo measuring for the vacuum system, he is offering some new and innovative options for this years home.  A retractable hose under the kitchen sink for those small pick ups, a dust tray for quick sweep ups and improved tools to make the job of keeping Sonoma clean and green!

The stairwell is free standing using steel structural supports.  This allow for the open feeling we are striving for at Sonoma.  With the spectacular window groupings and vistas there is light and openness from every angle.

Mike has been framing with Sapienza and Sons for many years.  His skills are an example for the others on the crew.  Cliff Sapienza is joined by 2 of his sons (who weren't even born when he first started to work with me) and 10 other craftsmen.  Watching them work is viewing a finely tuned machine.

Milgard Windows has supplied a unique design in their windows for Sonoma.  We required a heavy frame in a dark bronze color for the proper accent to the look of Sonoma.  There are over 80 windows!!!!

Imagine this view from your great room, yes, you can only imagine because no other home has such a spectacular setting.  Come experience Sonoma and find your dream!

Again, thanks for looking and following our progress.  We would love to hear from you; please feel free and you are encouraged to comment on Sonoma.  We thrive on these comments and ideas.  Maybe we can incorporate your ideas in this wonderful home.


Ready for Trusses and Roof

Boy, does this house look great. Even with all the years of experience you sometimes get surprised by the outcome. Stan's plans continually amaze me in their ability to capture all the best elements of a setting and structure. The view for Sonoma is absolutely breath-taking and the window configurations from both levels captures the panorama perfectly. The city lights from the master bedroom at night, the mountains and north side of Portland during the days. Indoor/outdoor living areas and two kitchens that will bring out the gourmet in you. This is getting exciting, we have a winner here...come experience Sonoma.

I have been out of town for a week and look what has happened. Cliff and his crew are ready for the roof trusses Friday morning; Mark Anspaugh, our plumber has started his piping on the lower level and the HVAC will start Monday. The key to a timely construction schedule is constant revision and cooperation between subs. Having had most of my subcontractors and suppliers for as much as 30 years they know the importance of these assets.

Again, thanks for taking the time to follow the progress of Sonoma!



FRAMEBUSTERS!! Long term relationships pay off for all, Cliff Sapienza and Sons have worked with me since before there were sons. Calling Cliff a framer is like calling Debeers rock hounds. He is truly an artist at his skill. Framing started Monday and as you see from this weeks pictures he has put in the floor and walls for the lower level by the end of week. This is huge progress and is the result of his 12 man crew dancing to Cliff's direction.

We utilized structural truss joists for the flooring system, but increased their depth and frequency to make a rigid and strong floor. It is not uncommon to have this type of floor bounce and be on the noisy side. Gluing 1 1/4" structural flooring to the joists that exceed engineering requirements substantially will give us a stable and quiet floor system.

The steel erectors finished the columns for the garage entry and front bridge. They then installed the steel pan decking that will support the concrete for these areas.

Greg Lesher and his sons (many of my contractors are family, several of which are third generation) continue to work on the court planters and columns and their stone facing.

View from the street below of the steel structure and scaffolding for underfloor work.



Finally, wood on the site. Cliff started with his 12 man framing crew Friday, checking elevations, steel and square. He started getting some of the pony walls on the concrete foundation and sill material for the floor joists on the steel structure. This will be a busy week with Cliff framing and Greg Lesher doing the masonry work for the planters and columns. The site will continue to be an issue as there is limited space for delivery but cooperation is key.

Cliff Sapienza and one of his sons (he was not even born when Cliff started working with me) testing an OSHA approved safety harness. The steel is almost 30 feet off the ground in some places, don't want anyone falling!

A good driver can drop a load of lumber on a dime. This is one of BMC's best. He is dropping over 10 tons of lumber in a space that is little wider than his truck.

The steel had to be fabricated to 1/4" tolerance to line up with the foundation walls and correct heights...Sonoma was within 1/8" accuracy. Jay Bondi is a master at foundations and takes great pride in being plumb, level and square with his work. Thanks Jay!