Carbon fibre kohler articulated faucet, cool look and functionality.
Ready for the first dinner party

Kitchen island and range run with pass throughs

Micro convection, wall convection oven, espresso maker and warming drawer; there are over $60k of appliances in this wonderful entertaining home.
Dining room with indoor/outdoor room beyond, cozy.

Ronda Divers, master of interiors with her crew, thanks Ronda, you're the best.
The artwork and accessories are unique and wonderful, a veritable gallery of art.
Wanna stay in my guest room?
Robin Damore's polaroid transfer work, French Laundry...simply spectacular. She is the artist in residence for Sonoma, come see her working in our craft gallery.
Ahhhhh, what a great spa for the end of the day.
Her vanity, no shaving cream or toothpaste smears here.
Your own personal spa, who needs to go on a vacation?
I don't know which is better, going to bed or getting up here.
Ronda and her son Ross Divers hanging the original art, an artwork in itself.
The Great Room is taking shape and getting layered, not done yet though.
Not your grandmother's laundry room :)
More of Robin Damore's work...
Outside firepit and courtyard, sipping cosmos and toasting marshmellows.
John Vincent, photographer beyond compare with the Oregonian. I first met John 12 years ago and he has shot all the Street of Dreams. His work is pure genius and he will only accept perfection. John has probably done more visually to get people excited and curious about the Street of Dreams.
The sun sets on Sonoma and it's heart glows, I was truly amazed at the lighting and emotion of Sonoma. This was the first time we lit the home inside and out for photos and I was so happy with the results of the team in creating the emotion and surprise of this home. I think it is the best example of lighting both indoor and outdoor we have ever done.
Handcrafted glass is displayed throughout Sonoma, this is a custom cast wall sconce in the powder room bath, art, art, art.
The city starlights shine brightly, you are on top of the world here.

What an entry, it draws you in with that Shelburne HUG, who wouldn't want to come home to this.
The architectural lines and shapes define Sonoma, repetition of rectangles throughout carry our theme.

We hope you cant wait to see our work with Sonoma, it has to be experienced to be believed.

Sonoma awaits you, we're almost ready for you...see you soon!