Sonoma Steel

Sonoma is using a unique foundation system designed especially for hillside development. By using a standard concrete foundation for the front of the home and steel structure to support the rear and decks we minimize the impact on the site. Engineered structural steel is placed on driven steel piling to specified depths. On top of the piling a steel framework is erected.

The cross bracing (round tubular steel) provide for lateral stability and earthquake resistance. All welds are inspected by a licensed inspector either in the shop during fabrication or on site following installation.

The foundation is fully waterproofed with perforated piping in all areas. Then the pipe and foundation are backfilled with drain rock to allow any ground water or surface drainage to be carried away from the foundation. We have installed over 120 yards of piping and 20 loads of rock. This helps prevent backpressures on the foundation and retaining walls and maintains a dry crawlspace area.

Framing is scheduled to start Wednesday or Thursday and then watch as we progress on Sonoma!