Ready for Trusses and Roof

Boy, does this house look great. Even with all the years of experience you sometimes get surprised by the outcome. Stan's plans continually amaze me in their ability to capture all the best elements of a setting and structure. The view for Sonoma is absolutely breath-taking and the window configurations from both levels captures the panorama perfectly. The city lights from the master bedroom at night, the mountains and north side of Portland during the days. Indoor/outdoor living areas and two kitchens that will bring out the gourmet in you. This is getting exciting, we have a winner here...come experience Sonoma.

I have been out of town for a week and look what has happened. Cliff and his crew are ready for the roof trusses Friday morning; Mark Anspaugh, our plumber has started his piping on the lower level and the HVAC will start Monday. The key to a timely construction schedule is constant revision and cooperation between subs. Having had most of my subcontractors and suppliers for as much as 30 years they know the importance of these assets.

Again, thanks for taking the time to follow the progress of Sonoma!