Foundation is poured

The foundation walls were poured Wednesday and we are stripping them for waterproofing, piping and backfill. The steel piling (18 of them) were positioned prior to the excavation for the foundation to assure correct elevations and minimize excavated areas. In essence, half of the house is on a standard spread footing foundation and half on steel piling and framework. The foundation portion took over 100 cubic yards of concrete and about a mile of steel. The walls had almost 80 yards with a sophisticated steel network for structural stability.

This coming week will be getting the site ready for the steel and framing. The show starts on August 9th so we all have a lot of work and coordination to do. We will continue to post updates and photos as work progresses and PLEASE, if you have any questions, leave a note and I will do my best to provide answers.

Greg Heinze, Shelburne