Finally, wood on the site. Cliff started with his 12 man framing crew Friday, checking elevations, steel and square. He started getting some of the pony walls on the concrete foundation and sill material for the floor joists on the steel structure. This will be a busy week with Cliff framing and Greg Lesher doing the masonry work for the planters and columns. The site will continue to be an issue as there is limited space for delivery but cooperation is key.

Cliff Sapienza and one of his sons (he was not even born when Cliff started working with me) testing an OSHA approved safety harness. The steel is almost 30 feet off the ground in some places, don't want anyone falling!

A good driver can drop a load of lumber on a dime. This is one of BMC's best. He is dropping over 10 tons of lumber in a space that is little wider than his truck.

The steel had to be fabricated to 1/4" tolerance to line up with the foundation walls and correct heights...Sonoma was within 1/8" accuracy. Jay Bondi is a master at foundations and takes great pride in being plumb, level and square with his work. Thanks Jay!