Amanda and Kelsey, the real backbone of the show. Great job girls, it was fun working with you both as well as the rest of the crew.

Chuck Buller owner of Park Place Cabinets, he has won every kitchen award for the homes he has been involved with in the show.

Ronda Divers, what can I say, it would never be enough. She gave her heart to Sonoma and it showed. Best Interior Design cannot aptly describe or be enough of an award.

Stan and Diane Scrutton, my close friends and designer for 30 years, always and example.
I think Darin Park was just as surprised as I was that he finished Sonoma on time and with the demanded Shelburne quality.
An unannounced interview, how to put a builder on the spot.
MMMMMM, NW Natural provided the banquet. I think it was the best banquet meal I have ever had. They are masters of service, that's how an elective utility supports their customers.
Stan Scrutton, best Architectural Design...He has always been able to turn my circles into squares. Sonoma ranks right there with some of the best homes he has designed.

For those of you that came to visit Shelburne, thank you. We are very proud of our efforts and would love to make you just as proud of your Shelburne home.


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