Amanda and Kelsey, the real backbone of the show. Great job girls, it was fun working with you both as well as the rest of the crew.

Chuck Buller owner of Park Place Cabinets, he has won every kitchen award for the homes he has been involved with in the show.

Ronda Divers, what can I say, it would never be enough. She gave her heart to Sonoma and it showed. Best Interior Design cannot aptly describe or be enough of an award.

Stan and Diane Scrutton, my close friends and designer for 30 years, always and example.
I think Darin Park was just as surprised as I was that he finished Sonoma on time and with the demanded Shelburne quality.
An unannounced interview, how to put a builder on the spot.
MMMMMM, NW Natural provided the banquet. I think it was the best banquet meal I have ever had. They are masters of service, that's how an elective utility supports their customers.
Stan Scrutton, best Architectural Design...He has always been able to turn my circles into squares. Sonoma ranks right there with some of the best homes he has designed.

For those of you that came to visit Shelburne, thank you. We are very proud of our efforts and would love to make you just as proud of your Shelburne home.



Well tomorrow is the last day of the show, it has been a great experience for all of our team. We have received so many posiive comments about all portions of the home. The success of the home is measured in two ways in my opinion. The first is the judging by the public, realtors and professional judges. Following is a list of the awards for the 2008 Street of Dreams:

The 2008 Street of Dreams awards are as follows:
Best of Show
Professional’s Choice: “Pure Innova”-Haggart Luxury Homes
Realtor’s Choice: “Sonoma”-Shelburne Development
People’s Choice: “Sonoma”-Shelburne Development
Best Architectural Design
Professional’s Choice: “Sonoma -Shelburne Development
RealtorE2s Choice: “Sonoma”-Shelburne Development
Best Curb Appeal
Realtor’s Choice: “Cherith Brooke”-G&B Construction
Best Landscaping
Professional’s Choice:“Pure Innova”-Haggart Luxury Homes
Realtor’s Choice: “The Summit”-Westlake Development Group
People’s Choice: “Pure Innova”-Haggart Luxury Homes
Best Kitchen
Professional’s Choice: “Sonoma”-Shelburne Development
Realtor’s Choice: “Providence House”-KDC Custom Homes, LLC.
People’s Choice: “Sonoma”-Shelburne Development
Best Master Suite
Professional’s Choice: “Pure Innova”-Haggart Luxury Home s
Realtor’s Choice: “Son oma”-Shelburne Development
Best Interior Design
Professional’s Choice: “Pure Innova”-Haggart Luxury Homes
Realtor’s Choice: “Sonoma” Shelburne Development
People’s Choice: “Sonoma” Shelburne Development
Best Home Furnishings
Professional’s Choice: “Suede”-Lisac Brothers Construction
Realtor’s Choice: “Cherith Brooke”-G&B Construction

I do have questions about the professional judging but I think the most telling are the Public and Realtor's voting. I think Sonoma did very well and it reflects the attention to detail, planning and creativity of my team.

Thanks to all of you that have taken the time to come visit Sonoma. I hope those of you interested in a new home or remodel project (I learned that most people think we only do new homes) WE DO REMODELS/RESTORATION AND ARE VERY GOOD AT THESE TYPES OF PROJECTS INVOLVING OUR ENTIRE TEAM. WE CAN HANDLE THE ENTIRE PROJECT FROM DESIGN, PERMITS AND CONSTRUCTION.




Sonoma is open and waiting for you! The opening dust is starting to settle and the word is spreading, Sonoma is something special, a unique and inviting home. I have been spending a lot of time at the home along with other Shelburne staff members. The comments have been very rewarding and provide the validation we all seek when creating not only a home but a work of art by our craftsmen and women. Our goal is to create a home that all our guests can feel comfortable and welcome.

The best compliment we can receive is "I could live in this house" and we have been hearing it on a consistent basis. We work very hard at every detail, we can honestly say that there is a thought process for every portion of Sonoma and it shows in the product. We would love the opportunity to discuss your dream and how Shelburne can work with you to achieve it!

Here are photos of the finished home, enjoy and come visit us at the 32nd Street of Dreams.

PS Go to my website for a link to additional photos at Smugmug.

Sincere thanks to all of you that helped creating our dream.



No pictures on this post, maybe tomorrow. We just did a walk through and short of some planters for the rear deck and final tweeks of the lighting and AV I think Sonoma is ready to be introduced to Portland. It has been a difficult yet rewarding build. All the team, Stan Scrutton, Ronda Divers, Chuck Buller and so many others have given their talents and hearts to this wonderful home.

As I walked through the home last evening as the sun set and the lights of the city emerge I was truly awestruck at what we have all accomplished. Sonoma is a unique home yet warm and welcoming. We hope that guests to the street will feel comfortable and enjoy Sonoma as much as we have enjoyed creating the home.

Our last street house, LaProvence, was purchased just before the show and the clients bought the house will all the furniture, art and decor. Sonoma is another one of those houses where if possible the purchaser could keep it exactly as we have completed the home. If you think about it, you get the talents and skills of the design team, furniture at a huge discount and the look that caused you to fall in love with the home.

We will be posting photos from the home over the next few days but not too many as we don't want to spoil the surprise of Sonoma. Industry Open night will be Thursday and Mid-summer Nights Dream on Friday. The MSND is a great event if you want to be the first to view the houses, it benefits a number of charities and you get a wonderful meal too.

In any case, we hope to see you at the Street and please say hello and let us know if you have been following the blog. I have had fun writing it and doing the photos of the house and people responsible for its success. Keep reading!



Carbon fibre kohler articulated faucet, cool look and functionality.
Ready for the first dinner party

Kitchen island and range run with pass throughs

Micro convection, wall convection oven, espresso maker and warming drawer; there are over $60k of appliances in this wonderful entertaining home.
Dining room with indoor/outdoor room beyond, cozy.

Ronda Divers, master of interiors with her crew, thanks Ronda, you're the best.
The artwork and accessories are unique and wonderful, a veritable gallery of art.
Wanna stay in my guest room?
Robin Damore's polaroid transfer work, French Laundry...simply spectacular. She is the artist in residence for Sonoma, come see her working in our craft gallery.
Ahhhhh, what a great spa for the end of the day.
Her vanity, no shaving cream or toothpaste smears here.
Your own personal spa, who needs to go on a vacation?
I don't know which is better, going to bed or getting up here.
Ronda and her son Ross Divers hanging the original art, an artwork in itself.
The Great Room is taking shape and getting layered, not done yet though.
Not your grandmother's laundry room :)
More of Robin Damore's work...
Outside firepit and courtyard, sipping cosmos and toasting marshmellows.
John Vincent, photographer beyond compare with the Oregonian. I first met John 12 years ago and he has shot all the Street of Dreams. His work is pure genius and he will only accept perfection. John has probably done more visually to get people excited and curious about the Street of Dreams.
The sun sets on Sonoma and it's heart glows, I was truly amazed at the lighting and emotion of Sonoma. This was the first time we lit the home inside and out for photos and I was so happy with the results of the team in creating the emotion and surprise of this home. I think it is the best example of lighting both indoor and outdoor we have ever done.
Handcrafted glass is displayed throughout Sonoma, this is a custom cast wall sconce in the powder room bath, art, art, art.
The city starlights shine brightly, you are on top of the world here.

What an entry, it draws you in with that Shelburne HUG, who wouldn't want to come home to this.
The architectural lines and shapes define Sonoma, repetition of rectangles throughout carry our theme.

We hope you cant wait to see our work with Sonoma, it has to be experienced to be believed.

Sonoma awaits you, we're almost ready for you...see you soon!